Jamie Wood Personal Training Instructor

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Jamie Wood

Jamie and his wife Brooke Wood have been the owners of Armor Up Fitness since 2015. Jamie and Brooke have 3 beautiful children and are high school sweethearts. Together they love to share their passion for health and fitness with others.

Jamie has 14 years of experience working as a strength coach. He holds a degree in physical therapy and worked as a PTA prior to his transition to strength and conditioning. He also holds numerous certifications in Kettlebell Training, Gymnastics, and Olympic Weight Training. Jamie is driven by inspiring others to believe in themselves.

As an owner, his goals include making Armor Up Fitness a community resource and asset, changing as many lives as possible, and providing an amazing fitness journey for each client.

In addition to his primary job functions, Jamie has been recognized by the small business administration for operating the small business of the year in Jefferson County.

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